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Welcome to Urbanmindlab

Are you ready to experience genuine health and get in the best shape of your life? If so, you’re in the right place.

At home in Melbourne and working with individuals and groups across the globe, Urban Mind Lab has a team of coaches who have dedicated their professional lives to helping people transform their bodies through mindset, nutrition and fitness.

We will partner with you to transform the way you think, eat and move so that you look great, feel energised and bring your best self to every aspect of your life. Our workshops and coaching programs are designed to guide you through every step of your body and health transformation.

Weight Loss Coaching Melbourne 

Meet Cherie
(Founder and Coach, Urban Mind Lab)

Hi. I’m Cherie Rae and I’m a health and wellness coach on a mission to make wellbeing easy and accessible to all. I truly believe that when we feel comfortable in our own skin and enjoy the freedom of optimal health, we can bring our best to the people and environments we interact with.

Urban Mind Lab is one of the most unique, comprehensive and evidence driven wellness coaching clinics in the country. We coach real people in the context of their real lives – which are often complex. We’re passionate about translating cutting-edge research from behaviour change psychology, neuroscience, nutrition and movement science into practical strategies that deliver amazing body, mind and lifestyle transformations.

I’m excited to start a dialogue, learn about you and to help you achieve your ideal body and genuine health.

What we do

Nutrition Coaching

The research is in. Diets don’t work. They leave us feeling hungry, depleted, weak-willed and confused.With 365 Nutrition ProCoach you get evidence based, expert nutrition and mindset coaching every day for a whole year to guide you through your weight loss transformation.

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Optimal U Master Your Mindset

Optimal U workshops provide you with the mindset to achieve your ideal body and health.This program is your foundation for weight loss success and genuine health.

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Online Personal Training

Add 365 Workouts to complete your body and health transformation package.Whether you’re looking to build muscle, lose fat or recover from an acute or chronic injury, you’ll have a proven program, complete with video demonstrations of each movement, to guide you.

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Corporate Health

The corporate lifestyle presents a maze of health challenges that can take a toll on your employees health. We work with small and large corporate groups and individual executives to help them reach and maintain their goal weight, a healthy mindset, high energy and peak performance.

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Urban Mind Lab is a wellness coaching business focusing on nutrition, mindset and movement to get people into great shape- physically and mentally.

Learn how to stop dieting, take back control and get in the best shape of your life.

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“I’ve tried a long list of different diets and exercise, but have never nailed it. I’ve experienced short-term results but until now I haven’t found that thing that is forever, that can become my normal routine and fits with my life.”

“I have loved every minute of it. I have learned things about myself, both good and bad, I have taken on the tools that have felt right for me and seen weight loss, better focus and greater self-awareness arrive with ease and a sense of empowerment that has felt great.”

“I love that it’s not a diet but is focused on changing my entire relationship with food. I’m really enjoying the process and even though it’s corny to say it, I feel like I’m changing from the inside out.”

“Cherie is a warm, generous and enthusiastic mentor in the process, and makes you feel so well-supported and appreciated, that it all comes really easily and naturally as a way to change.”

“Just so good to get you really thinking about what’s going on in your life that’s preventing you from making positive changes to a better lifestyle.”

“So happy to be part of it and finally have the time to think about a better future self.”

“The program has given me the kick in the pants I needed after year of excuses and procrastination. Thank you.”

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0402 357 862

Level 17, 31 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000