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Get in your best shape ever and experience genuine health with personal coaching from a world-class mindset and nutrition coach.

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Master Your Mindset

  • 80% of success in anything is psychology. What you think, what you feel and what you do every day is shaped by your beliefs and values. If you want to get off the dieting roller-coaster and learn strategies to make real decisions and lasting change, this event is for you.
  • Comprising four 2.5 hour dynamic workshops, the Optimal U Master Your Mindset Series will take you on a journey of self-discovery and teach you the thinking patterns of naturally lean people. You’ll learn how to get excited and passionate about your goals and consistently take action toward achieving them. You’ll experience that shift where you start to do the things you’ve been talking about for years – only this time it will feel effortless.
  • This process has been researched and refined for over a decade and has produced consistent results again and again. Drawing on Mindfulness, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Postitive Psychology, Eriksonian Hypnotherapy and many other modern psychology techniques, this program is designed to shift the way you think about food, exercise and yourself for ever!

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Get the mindset you need to achieve your ideal body and health.

Get the mindset you need to achieve your ideal body and health.

Upcoming Optimal U Master Your Mindset Series

If you want to transform your body and health,  and immerse yourself in a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, this event is for you. Building on the work you started in your Foundations workshop these final 4 workshops in the series delve further into your identity, beliefs and values and connect you with new thinking patterns and tools to propel you forward.

OPTIMAL U Mindset Series
(Master Your Mindset)
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Saturdays: 10.00am – 12.30pm21 October | 28 October | 4 November | 11 November, 2017(Book before 15 October and use the coupon code MILESTONE to receive your Early Bird Tickets for just $299.00)

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Frequently Asked Questions: Optimal U

Of course. We like to encourage friends, partners, and family members and work colleagues (even whole teams) to join together.  That’s why we offer this program (and 365 Nutrition & Movement Coaching) in community settings and workplaces.  That immediate social support has made a real difference for many of our clients.

Optimal U is not a diet.  In fact, we’ve found that what is traditionally thought of as a ‘diet’ is pretty unsustainable for most people.

But let’s think about the true meaning of diet for a moment.  The word itself comes from the Greek word ‘Diaita’, which means mode of living or ‘way of life’.

We will encourage you to develop your own sustainable system of eating or ‘way of life’ by helping you to tune into and master the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are driving your food behaviours.

We will certainly provide you with some science about nutrition, however, the focus of Optimal U is to give you the mindset and thinking strategies so that whatever nutrition plan you choose, you can stick with it easily.

Optimal U is for anyone who is struggling to achieve their nutrition, weight loss and health goals.  You will know if this is you because you will say or think things like:

  • I can never seem to stick to my eating plan
  • I just can’t seem to find the motivation to exercise consistently
  • I know what I should be doing, and I go okay for a while, but then the wheels seem to always fall off
  • I feel like I’m sabotaging myself
  • All my family is overweight – it’s just how I am
  • I don’t’ seem myself as one of those naturally healthy people
  • On one hand I want to change, on the other hand it just seems really hard.

Many past clients report that they already know 90% of what they ‘should’ be doing before they start the program, but they are struggling to make progress.   Optimal U is about bridging the gap between ‘know how’ and ‘do how’.

We will share with you over 20 practical thinking strategies to help you move toward your health goals with a much greater sense of clarity, consistency and ease.

Optimal U is specifically designed for people who are struggling with food and/or exercise consistency.  Often participants attend because they want to lose weight, however, many past participants have attended because they wanted to make their health journey easier and to ‘struggle’ less.

Optimal U is beneficial to anyone whose health goal relies on an ‘easy’ relationship with food, exercise and self.  Get in contact if you would like to chat more about the suitability of Optimal U to your needs.

The Foundations Workshop (workshop 1) is designed so that you can have ‘an experience’ of mindset coaching at a fraction of the normal cost.  As the name suggests, it also gives you the foundational tools that you will need during the Master Your Mindset Series (workshops 2-5).

For this reason the Optimal U Foundations workshop is a prerequisite for the Optimal U Master Your Mindset Series.

Our upcoming workshop dates and locations are listed on the website.  We do, however, partner with gyms, community centres and corporate groups across Victoria (and beyond).  We want regional and rural communities to get there hands on our awesome programs too.

Chat with your health and fitness provider or corporate wellness manager and invite them to contact us. Alternatively, feel free to get in contact with us directly to discuss the best way to bring these workshops to you.